Our Story

LeaLa Skincare is a natural skincare line that uses simple & effective ingredients, hence our motto, “keep it simple sweetie”. I myself have tried a wide range of products, from drug store brands to the most expensive skincare products on the market. What I found was that simple and natural products are always the best! I wanted to start this skincare line to show others simple is the way to go! Our products, which are carefully formulated for all skin types, use naturally derived and simple ingredients. Not only are they safe and gentle on your skin, but they will leave you glowing!

Our Goals

Our Goal is to have you achieve your dreams of healthy, glowing skin! Allow us to help you achieve this dream! Our products are all sulfate free, fragrance free, and free of parabens.


From Our Founder

Beautiful skin has always been so important to me. I truly believe having healthy skin brings a person a different glow! We should all feel confident in ourselves and loving the skin you’re in is a huge part of that! I have put so much time into perfecting my formulas so I know you all will see great results! I truly believe simple and natural is the way to go! I hope you enjoy my skincare line!"

- Rachel Bush